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Will the content from my spring 2015 Angel space be migrated to Blackboard for me?

Yes, you will find your migrated content in Blackboard, listed on your home page, with the prefix ‘Angel’.

Where do I find my Blackboard email and how do I send messages/emails to classmates?

Blackboard Learn provides two options for sending private messages: Course messages and course email.

Course Messages are the default tool. It allows students and instructors to send messages to one another within Blackboard Learn. Course Messages can be viewed and sent from the My Messages module on the My Institution page.

Course Email must be enabled by instructors. They are sent to the recipient’s email address and cannot be viewed from within Blackboard Learn. If enabled, Course Email can be used by selecting Send Email from the Tools module on the My Institution page.

I sent an email/message to my classmates/instructor. Where can I review it?

Course Messages can be viewed, sent and reviewed from the My Messages on the My Institution page. A copy of a sent Course Email will be sent to your email accounts.

Why is nothing showing in my calendar view?

Make sure that you have courses selected on the left hand navigation. If your calendar is still empty, it is possible your courses do not have any posted due dates yet.

Where can I access my notification settings?

Students can view and modify notification settings from the Global Menu (top right corner of Learn).