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If you plan to migrate to Canvas before Fall 2021, please review the lists below to ensure Canvas supports any needed integrations. To request a new Canvas integration, select the appropriate request form at Canvas Integration and Feature Requests.

Fall 2020 Integrations

  • ALEKS HE Chemistry
  • Attendance
  • Bookshelf by VitalSource*
  • Canvas Commons
  • Canvas Data Portal
  • Cengage Learning MindLinks
  • Course Materials
  • Crowdmark
  • EduSourced Carson492
  • EduSourced CBS
  • EduSourced Mktg495
  • EduSourced Carson BA 202
  • Folio
  • iClicker Cloud
  • iClicker Registration
  • Leganto
  • Lumen Learning
  • McGraw-Hill Connect
  • Microsoft Teams Meetings
  • MyOpenMath
  • New Analytics
  • Office 365
  • OneNote Class Notebook
  • Panopto Video**
  • Pearson
  • Pearson Learning Catalytics
    In order to access Learning Catalytics that is part of MyLab or Modified Mastering, you’d utilize the Pearson MyLab and Mastering App to set up the integration with the product (eg Modified Mastering Chemistry) and you’d use Learning Catalytics within the course. If you are using it outside of a MyLab or Mastering product, integration within Canvas is not available.
  • Pearson MyLab and Mastering
  • Peerceptiv
  • ProctorU
  • Purchase Course Materials
  • Quizzes 2
  • TopHat
  • Twitter
  • Unicheck
  • Vimeo
  • Virtual Animal Anatomy
  • Voicethread
  • WileyPlus
  • WSU_Grades
  • YouTube
  • Zoom

* Bookshelf by VitalSource – Please use Course Materials link in the First Day courses
** The Panopto integration with Canvas is currently being reviewed. Accounts may require migration once the analysis is complete.

Integrations Unavailable until Fall 2021

These integrations are postponed until Fall 2021 as they are unable to exist concurrently in Canvas and Blackboard.

  • Cengage WebAssign
  • ExamSoft
  • Packback
  • SAGE Vantage
  • Perusall
    As a workaround, Perusall can be used as a standalone course. To create a Perusall coursecreate an account at; the onboarding process will walk you through course creation. Please note this Perusall course will not be enabled with Single Sign On (SSO) and will not synchronize with Grade Sync.
  • Akindi
    Planned for implementation in Summer 2021 provided contract is renewed.

Timelines for these integrations are currently being determined.
Please note, integrations on this list are not guaranteed in Canvas for Fall 2020 or Spring 2021.

  1. INTO Program
  2. Blue Tasks
  3. Roster Exchange
  4. Kaltura
  5. Visible Body
  6. edpuzzle