New Analytics

Email dated May 24, 2021

Good Afternoon Canvas Users,

Canvas currently offers the feature “New Analytics”, a course data analysis tool that can be added to the course navigation of individual courses. When New Analytics is activated at the course level it displays only to instructors/administrative support users within the course. This tool can be used for student analysis such as attendance, grade tracking, login activity, and more.

After gaining feedback from the WSU community regarding the use of the tool, it was voted to display this feature by default within the course menu.

Beginning Wednesday May 26th the New Analytics tool will display by default within the course menu. If a user prefers, they may hide the tool in their individual course by editing the navigation menu.

Detailed information on the use of New Analytics can be found here: “What is New Analytics?”

Feedback and questions can be sent to

Thank you,
The Canvas Team

Information Technology Services
Washington State University
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